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Frequently Asked Questions

A: The majority of pet bathing products are only Shampoos. Which means they may provide cleansing but do not offer any coat care. Happy Pet Grooming Shampoos are Hypoallergenic and natural, perfect for maintaining skin hygiene and coat conditioning.

A: Okay, this is important. Cats can be susceptible to essential oils — like dogs with chocolate. To ensure your feline friend’s safety, please only use our products designated explicitly for cats on the label. Our cat-safe products have only those essential oils that are vet tested for cat-safe dilutions.

A: Yes! Our shampoos are gentle and moisturizing enough to use as often as needed. Most dogs benefit from a weekly washing, but pups with a lower activity level (primarily indoor dogs) can wait 1-2 weeks because they aren’t exposed to as many environmental allergens.

 A: When deciding which dog food is right for your pet, consider these three factors: 

  • Your dog’s life stage (Whether your dog is a puppy, an adult, or a senior)
  • Lifestyle (How active your dog is)
  • Condition (Overall health and body weight of your dog) 

A: The answer to this question depends on your dog’s age, size, and activity level. Feeding guidelines list the daily-recommended portion and are included in all happypet packages. Start feeding your dog this amount and adjust it according to its needs. Remember to divide the portion accordingly if you provide more than once daily.

A: Puppies should be fed thrice a day from weaning (3 to 6 weeks) to 4 months of age. After four months, they should be fed twice a day. Most dogs should continue to be provided twice daily throughout their life, although some pets do well with one feeding.

A: You should not change your puppy’s food to adult abruptly. Giving your pet time to acclimate to adult food’s new taste is very important. Also, if you suddenly switch your puppy’s food, it can cause digestive problems. Go through this schedule that will help you understand how much to feed your dog and transition your dog’s diet from puppy food to adult food:

  • Day 1 – Add 75% puppy and 25% adult food to your dog’s plate. 
  • Day 2 – Add both foods in equal quantities, i.e., 50% puppy and 50% adult food.
  • Day 3 – Increase the amount of adult food to 75% and reduce the amount of puppy food to 25%.
  • Day 4 – Fully transition to adult dog food.  

A: When changing your dog’s food diet, it’s essential to introduce new food slowly. Start by offering your dog’s daily portion in a 25% new food ratio to 75% current food. During the next three days, gradually increase the amount of fresh food and decrease the amount of old food.

A: It’s essential to understand that your dog’s nutritional needs change during pregnancy and ensure you feed her nutrition-rich food. We recommend Happypet Adult Kibbles w/ 27% Crude Protein for pregnant dogs. It can help your pregnant dog during gestation and improve milk quality to nourish her puppies post-delivery.

A: Protein is one of the essential elements that should be a part of your dog’s diet. Including protein in your dog’s diet will strengthen its muscles, ligaments, and cartilage. A protein-rich food also brings about a healthy shine to your dog’s coat! 

A: Happy pet Kibbles are nutritionally complete and balanced. Adding more vitamins and minerals can also be an excellent factor in your furbaby’s overall health. Our Vit+Amino has 21 Amino Acids that fit your pet’s particular needs. 

A: Happy pet Kibbles contain critical nutrients your dog needs for healthy growth. The essential ingredients in our food include Yucca Plant Extract, Brewer’s rice, Beta Glucan and 6 Fatty Acids, and all-natural prebiotics/probiotics.

A: No. It’s very important to follow the instructions and the advice of the vet prior to giving HappyPet Vit+Amino to your pet. Anything excess is not good for your pet’s health. 

A: Definitely Yes!! Just make sure your pet will consume their food with Happypet Vit+Amino.

A: Follow our blogs to learn more about pet nutrition & and dog food diet. Feel free to contact us here in case of any queries