About us

A message from Happy Pet

More than anything, we believe that pets are part of the family. This is at the core of the Happy Pet lifestyle.

It comes alive through our range of products that has everything you need to care for your pets – we provide kibble for all stages of life; shampoos for a variety of their grooming needs; and health supplements for enhanced vitality.

Using only the highest quality ingredients, our products are created knowing that our pets deserve only the best we can give – while still remaining affordable.

Through the HappyPet lifestyle, we ensure your pet’s health. We promise you happiness – inside and out.

Our Mission and Vision

The HappyPet family believes that happiness begins from within, especially when it comes to your pets.

Our mission is to have every pet parent embrace the happypet lifestyle. By providing your lovable pets with our products, we assure you that your pets stay healthy, strong and looking great. We are committed to using only the right balance of ingredients while educating pet parents on what would truly make their pets happy.

Through the Happy Pet lifestyle, our vision is to inspire pet parents with the assurance and confidence in doing what is best for their pets.